3 Steps For How To Buy The Best Wind Turbine For Your Home

If you’re in the market for a wind generator for your home obviously what’s the best wind turbine you can find. Now that doesn’t mean the most expensive one. The right one for you may be the least expensive.

However, you need to understand what you’re really after in order to make the most informed purchase. The way to do that is to get very clear on what you’re trying to accomplish. To accomplish that level of clarity, you need to do some reconnaissance work on your own property.

You’ve simply got to get to know the natural resources on your property that you will be using to create electricity with your wind turbine. You cannot afford to so that just because the wind is blowing that you will be able to create the optimal situation for making electricity without first carefully studying the terrain around your home and any seasonality and wind patterns.

I know it’s a drag to think about doing something as mundane as taking data, but you must do some work up front if you to make the best wind turbine for your home a reality.

The payoff will be much more accurate assessments of wind turbine in your house. You can’t get into much of a hurry project like this. A little bit of investment up front pay off in spades later on.

The three steps that you need to take before youth even think about researching a specific turbine are:


  • Know what you want – the wisest thing to do is to start simple. There are so many things you can do with a home wind device. The easiest thing is just to start with charging a battery. The simplest turbines you can buy are the least expensive are already outfitted to do this.


  • Know what resources you have to work with – it is a fact that many parts of the country don’t have enough wind to generate electricity. That won’t always be the case because the technology is constantly improving and start speeds for making power are going lower and lower. But, the wind turbine technology has not reduced initial “cut- in” speed enough to make it economically viable to operate in very low wind environments yet. The way to find out if you have enough wind is to collect some information. You can use a small handheld device to do that. Anemometers are available on Amazon.com for less than $50. You just put the anemometer out where you think you might install the wind turbine later. Come back in a week or two take the device down and download the information into your computer.


  • Think about how much effort you’re willing to put into this project personally – the easiest thing to do is to just buy a wind turbine already manufactured and ready to go from a dealer. This is a very expensive option though. You can save a lot of money by buying a set of plans or by purchasing a kit that is partially constructed. The range of prices for home systems run  anywhere from less than two dollars for a set of plans which will yield a wind turbine costing approximately $200, up to $40,000 for a large wind turbine made in a factory that can run your entire house.


When you have collected this information now it’s time to find the best wind turbine for your home. Now that you’re armed with the information the direction you to exactly the wind turbine type that you need, you can do Internet research and find just the product to suit your particular situation.


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