Best Wind Turbine Kit For Home – 3 Keys

With all the hubbub about going renewable these days, you would think the choices of the best wind turbine kit for the home would be clearer.   Instead, things have become more complicated.  Prices range by thousands of dollars and they all look the same!

While the basic mechanism of a wind generator device is about the same no matter what manufacture you go with, there are key differences in terms of the materials used in construction and the quality of the blades that are used. High-performance blades can make a big difference in how much electricity you make.

Here are the 3 key things to look at when you are evaluating:

  1. Are there local ordinances that will determine what windmills I can and can’t have?
  2. How much electricity do I need to create?
  3. How much wind do I have available on my property?

The thing you must consider first is if local rules in your community preclude having a windmill on your property or limit you in any way as to what you can choose in terms of size of the device or its style.

Many local communities and neighborhoods have bylaws and permitting requirements that control the kind of wind turbines people want to put on their own property.  It is largely aesthetic considerations but also the tendency of windmills to endanger migrating bird populations.  Also, shadow flicker can be an annoyance to people nearby.

The amount of power you need to make is obviously very different if you are charging batteries than if you are trying to power your whole house.  You have to do this part right or it will be very easy to over-buy and get a turbine that is too big and way too expensive.

The next thing is to determine what wind you have to work with.  The amount of wind on your property will be different at different places.  The strongest wind is always higher up.  That being said, it is a lot more expensive to mount a wind turbine on a tower.

Once you have determined the parameters you have to work with you can start looking on the Internet for wind turbine options.  There are a wide variety of styles and prices as you have probably already seen.

Vertical-axis wind turbines are probably best for roofs because they deal best with the chaotic wind conditions found there.  Horizontal-axis wind turbines also will work on a roof but they take up more space and don’t operate as well in turbulence because of their tail mechanism that seeks the prevailing wind direction.

In conclusion, the best wind turbine kit for the home is one that best fits your unique circumstances.  That can be very different from the one that fits your next door neighbor’s.


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